There is not a single time in all of Scripture that it is said that our sins are paid for, past, present, and future. This is theological presupposition, not Bible. It should also be noted that the Bible never says that a single sin was ever paid for on the Cross! This whole argument that sins are paid for is pure theological fiction! It has as much Scriptural validity as saying that Bugs Bunny died for your sins!

Nowhere in the example of all of Scripture do we see that an atonement in the Old Testament, or in the atonement of Christ, that all our future sins have been forgiven. In fact, the Bible states exactly the opposite! We are told that we are forgiven of past sins, but it is not ever stated that we are automatically covered for future sins. (Rom. 3:25, 2 Peter 1:9).

This theological fairytale of pre-forgiveness is passed onto others as if it were sound doctrine. But how can it be "sound," alone  being "doctrine," if it has absolutely no basis of foundation in the Scriptures? It takes a leap of faith to believe some things we find in Scripture, but it takes even a bigger leap of ignorance to accept as doctrine those things that are never to be found in Scripture! It is basing our belief on thin air, the wishful imagination of another, and not any fact that is to be found in Scripture!


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