Jeff Paton

For many years I have asserted that the doctrine of Eternal Security is not to be found anywhere in the Bible. I have to humble myself and admit that I was wrong; it is stated, and I will show you where.

It is only asserted in one place, but it is also displayed in a multitude of examples in Scripture too! The Bible says in Genesis 3:4 to Adam and Eve concerning eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden, “Ye shall not surely die:” You see, the Bible is replete with examples of people who believed this Bible promise and acted upon it. They believed that they could sin with impunity, for they believed that “Ye shall not surely die” if you do!

Most Bible students will have guessed by now that the quotation I used from the Bible were the lying words of the devil in the temptation of Eve, and not an exhortation of God. Not every word in the Bible is composed of God’s words to us, but some are examples of lies and errors in which we are to learn from and avoid! Strangely, the doctrine that goes by the name of Eternal Security is identical to the very lie in the Garden, and God has given us an example so we would not also be deceived by it! Yet many of those who would shake their heads in dismay at the simplicity in which Adam and Eve were duped, are some of the very ones that elevate this very doctrine to the position of the greatest and most important doctrine for the believer to embrace from the entire Bible! To some, it’s the Gospel!

What are we to say of doctrines that Satan invents, and then passes them off as Scripture? So many ignore what he is responsible for many false teaching. Most do not study the Scriptural statements of evil men in a way in which to see that they are revealed for for our edification. But God gives them to us as examples and warnings, and many times as clear and definite contrasts to His truth!

If Satan says that if you sin you shall not die spiritually, and God warns us that if we sin we will die, then how can we ignore such a double emphasis from Scripture? We have a straightforward prohibition from God Himself, and an example of how the devil uses Scripture twisting to teach people the very opposite of what God says! Nowhere in Scripture is it stated that we can sin with impunity, with the exception of the lie of the devil! We are told that the “wages of sin is death,” which is spiritual death! “He who sins is of the devil,” which false teachers tell people to ignore and soften it to allow sin, even though God has inspired the writer to say it with crystal clarity.

For any doctrine to be a Biblically endorsed doctrine of God it must be stated in the Bible, yet Eternal Security or its conclusions are elusive. It is not surprising in the least that no one can find any such doctrine of Eternal Security in the Scriptures without assuming it first, because such a doctrine defies all logic and a multitude of clearly stated Scriptures which proves such a demonic conclusion as Eternal Security to be false!

Some doctrines can be derived from the clear statements that are available from piecing the evidence and several positive statements together, such as the Trinity of God. The empty promise of an Unconditional Eternal Security is so absent from Scripture that it cannot be brought together in the same way. Many proponents of the doctrine have boldly and ignorantly asserted that “Eternal Security is the Gospel!” But how can that be? You see, the Early Church was undecided about the Trinity, and it took hundreds of years before it became orthodoxy. That’s o.k., it’s not a salvation issue! But if Eternal Security is the Gospel, then why did God hide it from them? Why was the Early Church consistently against any such doctrine as Eternal Security? Was it God's plan to hide the doctrine so well that those taught by the apostles themselves did not know it? That for nearly half a millennium Christianity knew nothing of such a doctrine, and deemed such a teaching to be a "strange doctrine" of the heathen religions and saw it as heresy? Does God want to shroud His Gospel in a way that makes it difficult for people to be saved? Surely, the "Good News," the "Gospel" of Jesus Christ must be easily found and stated in Scripture in order for it to be “good” news! I cannot fathom that God’s Gospel is ‘so’ hidden and ambiguous as to be reduced to a game of “Where’s Waldo” in the Scriptures! The Gospel is clear, and Eternal Security has nothing to do with it! Eternal Security has everything to do with elevating the lie of the devil above the very Gospel itself! It supplants the work of Christ on humanities’ behalf with the deceptive teaching of the devil. Just because a majority of people believe the devil’s words over God’s words, is no reason to go along with it!

Yes, Eternal Security is a "Biblical" doctrine on the same order as murder, incest, theft, and dishonesty are; as clear examples of what things to avoid.